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Vineyard Hikes through the Moselle Valley

The Moselle Valley (Mosel in German) is an ideal hiking area for those who love the outdoors. Wether you're an avid hiker or a leisurely stroller, you'll find trails suited to your preferences and fitness level. Wander through the terraced vineyards, take in the fresh air, and relish the serenity of this idyllic countryside. The walking routes below are suitable for anyone with a good basic fitness level.

Vineyard Hikes


The picturesque town of Senheim is nestled between vineyards on one side and the Moselle river on the other. During a hike through the Senheimer Lay (which is a well-known vineyard) you have a wonderful view over the town and its church with in the background the glinstering river and green rolling hills beyond.

Nice to know: the term 'Lay' comes from Celtic and means 'slate rock'. Many vineyards along the Moselle use this term in their name.

Senheim in Germany

Travel Blogger Lonnies Planet at Senheim in Germany

Wine grower Stefanie Vornhecke has sown a particularly species-rich mixture of various types of clover, aromatic herbs, sunflowers, marigolds and cornflowers to provide food for bees and insects. It gives variation to the biodiversity and is a real feast for the eyes and nose! She has set a good example that hopefully many winegrowers will follow.

Wild flowers in vineyard around Senheim in Germany

Travel Blogger Lonnies Planet at Senheim in Germany

These winding roads and rolling hills sometimes resemble a Tuscan landscape, but it is actually located between the (volcanic) Eifel and the mountain region of Hunsrück in south-western Germany.

Travel Blogger Lonnies Planet at Senheim in Germany


There are plenty of hiking opportunities around the town of Bruttig-Fankel. For us this charming village was the base from which we discovered the region, and it was the ideal place to end the day here after a day out and about. Option 1: via various roads in town you can walk straight into the vineyards, which is great for an after dinner evening walk during sunset.

Vineyard hike behind town of Bruttig Fankel

Vineyard hike behind town of Bruttig Fankel in Germany

Option 2: when you cross the Moselbrücke (Moselle Bridge) next to Bruttig-Fankel on foot, you can climb all the way up to the hill on the opposite side of the river. From here you have a great view over the village and the Moselle.

Vineyard hike of Bruttig Fankel

The Moselle Valley is home to some of Germany's most renowned wineries, especially because of the world-famous Rieslings that flourish in this region. As you hike through the region, you'll have the opportunity to learn about the winemaking process, from the cultivation of the grapes to the art of wine production.

Vineyard hike of Bruttig Fankel Germany

Vineyard hike of Bruttig Fankel Germany

Along the Moselle

For those who are not able (or don't want) to walk uphill, there is always the opportunity to walk along the Moselle. Because this road is as flat as a pancake, and from here you also have beautiful views over de river and the surrounding landscape. Important to know: it is also a busy road with a lot of car traffic (so it is more suitable for cycling), but if you are careful you can easily walk here.

We walked back and forth from Bruttig-Fankel to Beilstein in over 1 hour. On one side you see these steep vineyards with monorail racks for grape harvesting, and on the other side you can enjoy a stunning view over the river.

Walk along Moselle at Beilstein

Walk along Moselle at Beilstein

Walk along Moselle with view over Beilstein


Around the village of Klotten there are 8 different hiking routes. We walked the one with the name Friedrichkreuz which took about two hours to complete. During the walk you will be treated to different views over the town of Klotten, its vineyards which create a captivating patchwork of colours and the medieval ruin of Burg Coriadelstein.

Ruin around Klotten in Germany

Travel Blogger Lonnies Planet at vineyard around Klotten in Germany

Along the way you will come across this lovely rest place which is a little cabin where you can take a break and enjoy the wonderful surroundings.

Rest place at vineyard around Klotten in Germany

Year-round beauty: the Moselle Valley is captivating in every season. In spring, witness the vineyards awakening to life as the buds burst into vibrant greens. Summer brings lush foliage and warm temperatures, creating the perfect atmosphere for outdoor adventures. Autumn transforms the landscape into a palette of golden hues as the grapes ripen, and winter unveils a serene beauty draped in a light blanket of snow.

Vineyards around Klotten in Germany

From below viewpoint you can see Cochem in the distance. If you want to discover more of the region with its architectural gems, medieval castles and half-timbered-houses that dot the landscape I would like to recommend you to read my blog post: Highlights of the Moselle Valley.

Travel Blogger Lonnies Planet at vineyard around Klotten in Germany

Just before the walking route descends to the village, you will find the Friedrichkreuz along your way. Whether you're a wine enthusiast, a nature lover or a culture seeker, the German Moselle Valley vineyard hikes offer an experience like no other! So, lace up your hiking boots and embark on an adventure along the trails that wind through the vineyards of this idyllic countryside.

Friedrichkreuz at Klotten Germany


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