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Best coffee in Florence

The Florentine coffee scene can be divided into two categories: Specialty and Traditional. At the traditional coffee shops you can experience the taste of a heavily roasted Italian espresso (robusta) at a marble counter. You can choose from many locations ranging from very posh and elegant to cozy and folksy.

The specialty coffee shops on the other hand, offer a lighter roasted (arabica) coffee bean and many brewing methods to choose from. At these third wave coffee bars you can expect some more innovative tastes, and experience the young and vibrant Florentine energy. Find the best coffee shops in Florence here:

Coffee and pastry at Paszkowski in Florence Italy

Specialty coffee in Florence

Ditta Artigianale is a micro roastery with three coffee bars in Florence. Besides espresso, Americano and cappuccino there is a wide range of coffees on the menu like V60, aeropress, filter, cold brew, several types of lattes and signature drinks to name a few. Accompany your cup of coffee with some homemade Italian sweets, breakfast or brunch while taking in the Florentine city life. We have visited the location nearby the Uffizi Gallery and enjoyed our coffee at the cozy sidewalk terrace.

☞ Nearby Uffizi Gallery: Via dei Neri, 30/32

☞ Nearby Ponte Vecchio: Via dello Sprone, 5/R

☞ Nearby Mercator di Sant'Ambrogio: Via Giosuè Carducci, 2/4r

Coffee an pastry at Ditta Artigianale in Florence Italy

Ditta Artigianale in Florence Italy

SimBIOsi Organic Cafè (nearby Galleria dell'Accademia) is a snug place to sink into a retro chair with a slow brewed (V60) cup of coffee. Espressos are pulled with a lever machine by hand, using coffee beans from several types of roasters (including the famous Florentine ones, Ditta Artigianale and D612). The small menu contains an açai bowl, yoghurt granola, avocado toast and porridge.

V60 coffee at Simbiosi Organic Cafè in Florence Italy

Simbiosi Organic Cafè in Florence Italy

Just a stone throw away from the majestic Duomo you will find BEN Caffè tucked away in a narrow street. The extensive (coffee) menu contains (in addition to the usual drinks) V60, Chemex, aeropress, cold brew, lattes, teas, beers and wines. It is also a good place for breakfast and lunch.

Cold brew coffee at Ben Caffè in Florence Italy

Ben Caffè in Florence Italy at Hotel Benivieni

From the sidewalk terrace of Melaleuca Bakery and Bistrot you will have a beautiful view over the city on the other side of the river Arno. The freshly baked (international) pastries and homemade breakfast and lunch are just perfect. Here you will drink your cup of coffee (from D612) in a very joyful and welcoming environment.

Coffee at Melaleuca Bakery and Bistrot in Florence Italy

Melaleuca Bakery and Bistrot in Florence Italy

Coffee Mantra lies in a corner building in the vibrant area of Sant’Ambrogio. Here you won't get bored easily, because every day of the week there is a different type of single origin coffee to try. Coffee comes from Gearbox, a Florentine roastery. Settle down on the terrace with a pour over, aero or French press and some pastries to soak up the energy of this lively neighbourhood.

V60 coffee and pastries at Coffee Mantra in Florence Italy

Coffee Mantra in Florence Italy

Traditional coffee in Florence

The atmospheric Caffè Paszkowski dates back to 1903 and is a good choice if you like some grandeur. It started as a Polish brewery in the Jewish ghetto, and is still going strong over more than a century. The best place of the house is (in my opinion) the counter. So do as the Florentines do (or almost any Italian) and drink your espresso while standing at the counter. But there are of course also many seating options to enjoy your pastry, sandwich or even cocktail in a relaxed way.

Coffee at Caffè Paszkowski in Florence Italy

Caffè Paszkowski in Florence Italy

As of 1939 the elegant Caffè Scudieri is a popular and sophisticated meeting place for Florentine inhabitants. Here you can enjoy an espresso with high quality artisan pastries at the marble counter. But their terrace is a huge favourite as well, as it overlooks the impressive Duomo and the San Giovanni's Baptistery. For us this was the perfect place to kick off the early morning in the heart of the city.

Coffee at Caffè Scudieri in Florence Italy

Caffè Scudieri in Florence Italy


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