Slovenia: The 10 best nature escapes

I have been a city girl for many years and I love to wander through huge metropolises like Tokyo, Shanghai or Hong Kong…. But every once in a while I am in desperate need of clean air and nature around me, without car- and city noise at a constant pace. And those moments follow up faster as I am getting older. The Japanese have a therapy for this called ‘shinrin-yoku’ which means ‘forest bathing’, where the medicine is the forest...

So going to Slovenia was an easy choice, and it turned out to be a good one!

1. Lake Jasna

To be honest, I thought Lake Jasna would be much bigger. So at first sight I was a bit surprised by its scale. But this feeling was soon gone after I soaked up the amazing environment. The high peaks of the Julian Alps reflect perfectly in the mirror like lake. Take your time walk slowly around it and see the view from different angles.

After sunset we went to the west side of Lake Jasna where the river Pišnica flows. As the rocks (like all riverbeds in Slovenia) are bright white you hardly see the water flow through it.

2. Zelenci

Again, not big in seize, but again huge in awesomeness! Everywhere in Slovenia you will find crystal clear (mountain) water, but this place is different. The water here comes from a well which originates from a waterfall on top of a mountain nearby. Zelenci means ‘green’ in Slovenian, and it’s not hard to figure out why they named this well after this colour... You can park your car nearby and then it’s an easy 10 minute walk from the car park. But in my opinion it’s nicer to get there via a walking trail.

3. Upper Sava Valley

The beauty of the Vrsic Pass is hymned by many, but it was unfortunately closed due to heavy snowfall, so we weren't able to see it ourselves. But the Triglav National Park around Kranjska Gora is still wonderful to see, even if you are not able to drive the all the way up the mountains along its 50 hairpin bends. Kranjska Gora is located in the Upper Sava Valley and from here you see 7 mountain peaks between 2.100m and 2.645m.

4. Tamar Valley

The lady of our hotel (Design Rooms Pr' Gavedarjo) advised us to hike in two hours towards a mountain hut at the end of a walking trail in the Tamar Valley. You can park your car at Planica Ski Jump and walk from there. During these 2 hours we only crossed paths with one other couple and for the rest we enjoyed birdsongs and the silence of the forest. I was as happy as a kid to sit on a bench and listen to… nothing…

We had lunch at the terrace of the mountain hut Dom V Tamarju, with a view over the surrounding high peaks and the little chapel. So after a while we were ready to start the two hour hike back.

5. Soča River

Close to 'outdoor villages' Boveč and Kobarid is the 25 km (15,5 mile) trail along the Soča river (the river itself is 137 km in length) with suspension bridges and beautiful gorges. We walked a bit of the trail at Velika Korita because locals told us this is the most beautiful part of the Soča river. Here you can climb on rocks and watch the fast flowing river below. It is a famous place for rafting and kayaking in summertime.

6. Peričnik Waterfall

The road towards the foot of the waterfall was quite spectacular as it meanders along the river. Alongside there are lush green hills and high pine trees. There is a small car park and a little store for a drink or snack. From here you walk up the trail with steep stairs for about 20 minutes. From a natural platform you have a wonderful view over the 52 high waterfall and the surroundings. Here you can really feel the power of mother nature. It is possible to walk behind the waterfall and to proceed the trail, but the time we were there the rest of the trail was closed due to safety reasons.

Good to know: ‘slap’ is the Slovenian word for waterfall. So look for the sign 'Slap Peričnik'.

7. Lake Bled

This was one of the most touristy parts of Slovenia so we decided to stay not too long. We payed a visit at the Castle from where you will have a birds eye view over the lake. Afterwards we went to the shore and walked a while along the shore. There are several hikes in the area, but the one to Mala Osojnica is the most famous because of its beautiful view.

8. Vintgar Gorge

The gorge is only 1,6 km (1 mile) long, but because you have to walk the same way back (and because you will probably stop numerous times to take pictures and to soak up the surroundings) this hike will take you about 1,5 until 2 hours to complete.

9. Brda Wine Region

This is Slovenia's wine area with rolling hills and wine estates as far as the eye can see. It seems that every hilltop has got a little village and church, all competing for the most charming looks. The Italian border is just a few kilometres away, so the atmosphere is a mix of Italian and Slovenian. (click here for my blog 'Trieste in 36 hours')

10. Lake Bohinj

This was by far my favourite place in Slovenia. We arrived late in the afternoon at our B&B, only 200 metres from the lake. So the very first thing we did was having a look at the waterside and we were alone! In front of us the lake stretched out for about 4 km in length, a wonderful and peaceful sight because of its stunning nature around it.

On the side of Ukanc (from where you can take the cable car up to viewpoint Vogel) the water is emerald green.

After breakfast the next morning we started the 12km hike around the lake. An easy and beautiful path with a constant view over the water. We took lunch with us and pick nicked on the shore. Happiness and peace of mind assured!

We have visited Slovenia in the beginning of May, the absolute low season.

Weather conditions may vary at this time of year,

so there were rainy and cold days, but we had several sunny days as well.

So if you don’t mind to bring a raincoat and umbrella (Slovenia is one of the greenest countries of Europe for a reason…) this season is perfect to explore the country as you will have some amazing places (almost) for yourself!

Find my blog 'Ljubljana in 48 hours' here.

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