Prague: from the best coffee bars to the most amazing rooftop restaurant

Last spring I visited Prague together with my mom an we spent four nights in this cotton candy colored city :)

Beside spotting buildings in all colors of the rainbow, and visiting Prague's amazing sights,

I think it's pleasant to eat and drink at nice locations too.

Prague is is not known for the most 'hip' dining options, but if you make a little effort you will definitely find some! Herewith I would like to share my favorite places with you.

Some are more modern, and others are a bit more classic and have that typical Czech charm.

Click on the underlined names and you will get redirected to the websites with locations and opening hours.

OneSip Coffee

It is great to sit at the open window in this cute little coffee shop to enjoy your cup of coffee. There is not much place to sit, but that doesn't matter, many locals stop by and drink a cup of coffee standing at the bar which gives it a very pleasant atmosphere.

The coffee comes from Round Hill Roastery in Somerset, where they monitor the complete journey from farm to cup. They aim to source the best seasonal harvests and only select small lots from independent growers.

Original Coffee

Besides the classic espresso they also serve aeropress, V60 and Chemex coffee. For those who like to drink specialty coffee at home, it's possible to by whole coffee beans by weight (which they can grind for you). On the small menu there are savory- and sweet bites and a daily soup. The waiter was really kind and asked several times if everything was okay. Nice place with a good vibe!

Cafe Letka

This cafe has got that artsy feeling with rustic walls and high ceilings and windows. Some of the old wooden tables are big enough to share with others and several people are sitting on cushions in the window sills while they are reading a book. The quality coffee comes from Five Elephant in Berlin whose goal it is to source the best coffees while being thoughtful of the environmental and social impact of the farmers and their estates.

We have tried fresh juices with VERY tasty carrot cake.

Super Tramp Coffee

This hidden cafe is open 6 days a week, except on Saturdays. Unfortunately that was the exact day we showed up at this cool rugged courtyard...

I would have loved to sit on their terrace, so I think I need to go back some day :)

Therefore I can't review this place, but I've heard good things about it and it looks nice on the outside, so that's why it is in this blog.

It is not easy to find, you have to walk into the entrance of a garage and then go left. From here you can enter the courtyard and you will see the gate to the cafe on your right hand side.

La Bottega Bistroteka

This is the 4th bistro with Italian delicatessen in Prague by owner Riccardo Lucque. Besides having lunch or dinner here it is possible to buy some quality products like fresh fruits, vegetables and olive oils. In the back there is a specialty wine- and cheese shop as well.

We have tried this delicious cake with matcha tea ganache.

Alchymist Grand Hotel & Spa

After spending the whole morning and a part of the afternoon visiting the castle, it was time to escape the crowds and enjoy a cup of tea with chocolates in a relaxing environment.

This boutique hotel and spa has got a lovely courtyard with classic design where we sat back for a while. It is possible to book a massage or treatment for non-guests too.

KAFKA Snob Food

This place is named after one of Prague's most famous inhabitants, the novelist Franz Kafka who was born in this city in 1883.

The interior is cozy and colorful, and the tasty food is Italian inspired. We ate very good salmon with avocado and grilled vegetables for lunch.

Vegetarian restaurant Lehka Hlava (which means Clear Head)

This restaurant is situated in a building which is over 500 years old and has got lots of charm because of the many cozy corners and vaulted ceilings. The different sitting area's were decorated and painted (ceilings as well) by local artists. We've tried the Cantonese tofu with vegetables and loved it!


Eska is a restaurant with a bakery where they bring the traditional and the modern together on your plate.

Does potatoes in ash with smoked fish and fermented asparagus soft drink sound good to you? Than I can recommend to book a table at this stunning place!

I loved every little detail about this restaurant. The taste of our dish was surprisingly delicious and the waiters where one by one very friendly. If I would ever visit Prague again I would definitely come back here!

Downstairs you will find the bakery, kitchen and coffee bar:

The restaurant and bar are upstairs:

Terasa U Prince

Can a rooftop view get any better than this!?

This restaurant is situated on the 4th floor of Hotel U Prince.

The terrace is divided into two parts, when you get upstairs you can choose to go left or right. We sat on the right side, because this part is smaller and therefore cozier, and has got the best view (in my opinion).

We really enjoyed the sweeping views over the Tyn Church and the surrounding streets. The food was flavorful and the overall experience is really one not to miss!


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