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Antwerp: my favorite places outside the city centre.

As a born and raised Dutchie I moved to Antwerp almost 7 years ago. We live in the area

't Zuid, which is our most favorite part of the city. The neighborhood is known for its good restaurants, (coffee) bars and local retailers where you can shop the latest fashion. There are several museums and art galleries as well. Below mentioned hotspots are all situated outside the city centre, so I recommend to hire a bike and explore 't Zuid, Berchem and the beautiful Art Nouveau district which is called Zurenborg.

Taking that first sip of coffee means instant happiness to me :)

So in this blog I would like to take you to my favorite (and very Instagrammable) food and coffee hotspots!

Lonnies Planet at Life is Art, Antwerp

Click on the underlined names and you will get redirected to the websites with locations and opening hours.

The founders of PAKT describe this place as a hotspot and melting pot for entrepreneurs and city farmers who feed the people of Antwerp with creativity and culinary experiments. The innovative (hospitality) businesses are based in old industrial warehouses which are beautifully renovated, but which kept all charm. Vegetables are grown on the green rooftops to use the most out of the open spaces.

PAKT Antwerp

The motto of Caffènation is 'giving people a second home', and that says it all :-)

They have 3 locations, 1 in Amsterdam and 2 in Antwerp, one of them since 2017 in the heart of PAKT. Beans are freshly roasted at the spot with their own roaster.

Opened from Monday until Friday.

Caffènation at PAKT Antwerp

Caffènation at PAKT Antwerp

This is the perfect spot for quinoa sandwiches, fresh salads and cold pressed plant based juices. Nice to know: the veggies and herbs are grown at the rooftop of PAKT.

The interior is on point and their outside terrace at the 1st floor is a good place to overlook the impressive warehouses.

Opened from Monday until Friday.

Racine at PAKT Antwerp

Lunch at Racine PAKT Antwerp

Racine at PAKT Antwerp

Roadtrips through California and citytrips to Londen were the inspiration for the menu.

'Soulfoud made with love by using local supply' is how the owners describe their food.

All these flavorful dishes taste even better in this stylish and bright interior!

Since the beginning of 2018 they have a second location in the area Nieuw Zuid.

Barchel Antwerp

Barchel Antwerp

Here you have to go when your heart skips a beat at hearing the word 'hummus' :-)

They combine Middle Eastern, Asian and European flavors in their dishes. You can order it on bread or in a bowl with a lot of fresh ingredients.

Lunch at Hümm House of Hummus in Antwerp

Hümm House of Hummus in Antwerp

Lunch at Hümm House of Hummus in Antwerp

Joke is the impassioned owner of this coffee bar which is situated close to the MAS museum, and her coffee is just absolutely perfect!

Black & Yellow coffee bar in Antwerp

Cesar (closed)

At Cesar you will find the perfect combination of an innovative interior shop where you can have vegetarian breakfast or lunch accompanied with good coffee. They are vegan friendly, and have several options to alter your dish.

The cosy and colorful terrace at the back is a quiet spot to relax and enjoy the sun.

Cesar in Antwerp

Lunch at Cesar in Antwerp

Cesar in Antwerp

Their slogan is 'come hungry - leave happy'. Sounds perfect to me!

Here they serve breakfast, lunch and good coffee. The interior is cozy and the huge garden is a haven of peace :)

Bardin in Antwerp

Terrace of Bardin Antwerp

Coffee bar and bookshop in one; a combination which never gets dull. But you don't need to be a bookworm to come here frequently to enjoy the nice vibe and great coffee/tea, lunch or home made cakes. The cute little terrace on the sidewalk is their biggest asset in my opinion :)

Buchbar Antwerp

Coffee at Buchbar Antwerp

St. Vincents (closed)

Thumbs up for this amazing place! This is our favorite spot for good coffee and a tasty lunch. Besides that it is a concept store with beautiful pieces for home decoration and fashion. All of this is situated in a impressive big open space with unpolished look.

St. Vincents in Antwerp

Lunch at St. Vincents in Antwerp

Coffee at St. Vincents in Antwerp

Antoine (before Paco)

Antoine is a lovely little wine/coffee shop with a terrace in a quiet street and very friendly owners.

Paco espresso bar in Antwerp

Paco espresso bar in Antwerp

As well as inside, or outside on their terrace beneath the cherry trees, it is a pleasant environment to spend an hour or two. This old corner house has got many windows and a fantastic interior. Here they master the art of creating a colorful and tasty dish.

Walvis in Antwerp

Lunch at Walvis Antwerp

Walvis Antwerp

Rice 'n Roll (closed)

Here they serve the best fresh summer (or spring) rolls I have had in Antwerp!

There are gluten free and vegan options as well. Can't get enough of them? You can also find them in Knokke and Brussels.

Rice 'n Roll in Antwerp

Lunch at Rice 'n Roll in Antwerp

Rice 'n Roll in Antwerp

In one of my favorite streets you will find this beautiful deli and wine bar in one.

De SmaakNatie in Antwerp

The amazing interior is inspired by the Japanese wabi-sabi philosophy, where simplicity is key. The dishes are Nordic inspired and meant to be shared. On Sunday's they serve Søndagsbrunch :)

Restaurant Gå Nord in Antwerp

Dinner at Restaurant Gå Nord in Antwerp

At only 2 minutes from above mentioned Walvis you will find this stylish place where they make the most delicious pizza (gluten-free crust is optional). And the pizza tastes even better in combination with their own wine 'Leoni". The grapes are grown according to the rules of biodynamics and the wines are unfiltered. I love sitting here in the open window to see life pass by :-)

Restaurant Orso in Antwerp

Pizza at Restaurant Orso in Antwerp

Restaurant Orso in Antwerp

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