Lisbon: for coffee lovers, foodies and rooftop fans

All that climbing of stairs and steep streets makes hungry and thirsty...

So I would like to share my favorite places in Lisbon with you to keep you energized and hydrated while visiting this amazing city :-)

Click on the underlined names and you will get redirected to the websites with locations and opening hours.

Breakfast - Lunch - Coffee


Here we had the best eggs benedict (with truffle!) ever!

At this place it is all about details, they have a beautiful terrace in a quiet street, the interior is composed with a lot of care and the waiter was genuinely friendly.

Audrey is a real person and she is the daughter of the founders of the neighboring beautiful boutique hotel Santiago de Alfama.

Hello, Kristof

Do you like specialty coffee, enjoy eating home made cake while reading magazines?

Then this is your place to be!

So go and say 'hi' to Kristof (or actually Ricardo), you won't regret it :-)


For their lunch and breakfast they use organic and local produce, and their specialty coffee is roasted in small batches. Nice to know: the ceramics are all handmade in the Algarve region in the south of Portugal.

I was very glad to hear that COMOBA doesn't use refined sugar and no processed products of any kind. Besides that, they try to eliminate plastics, and they use biodegradable products as much as possible. Keep up the good work guys!

We came back twice to enjoy their good breakfast(burrito), tasty coffee (with non-dairy options for cappuccino/flat white) and vegan cheesecake in a stylish environment.

Copenhagen Coffee Lab

This hand-craft coffee roastery was founded in 2013 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Now it's a small chain with 8 café's spread over Denmark, Germany and Portugal.

We have visited 2 locations out of 4 in Lisbon and they both have a nice atmosphere.

By the way; I could eat these kanelsnegles every single day!

Pastéis de Belém

THE real deal if your like pastéis de nata, and definitely worth the wait!

As of 1837 they are baking these heavenly egg tart pastries with a crunchy crust on this spot; where the shop interior is from the early days and it felt like I stepped back in time.

They bake 10.000 of them every single day, and if you like to taste one of these, be prepared to wait for about 15 minutes. But the reward is sweet, especially if you sprinkle them with powdered sugar and cinnamon :-)

Dear Breakfast

We had to wait at this place in line too, but again, it was definitely worth the wait. Especially when you can enjoy the morning sun outside :-)

In this bright interior with white-washed walls and Portuguese marble tables it is nice to wake up with a good cup of coffee and healthy breakfast with organic and locally sourced ingredients.

It has several cozy corners and downstairs you will find a small sitting area which must feel like heaven for all people who love the color pink!

Fábrica Coffee Roasters

This is a small chain, with 2 locations in the city and 1 coffee truck near Lisbon Oriente train station. They buy the 100% Arabica coffee beans straight from the farmers and roast the beans themselves.

Take a close look at the spots on this giraffe by the way, I only saw this after I took the picture ;-)

We only ordered take away coffee, because we bought pastries at a bakery around the corner so we could have a little picnic in a nearby park.

Raffi's Bagels

This is the perfect place for lunch after a stroll through Estrela Park. They have a small terrace which is away from all the hustle and bustle. The home made lime/ginger lemonade was refreshing on this hot summer day!

Rooftop Bars

Park Rooftop Bar

Picture perfect view, good vibes and cocktails on point, what more can we ask for on a sunny evening like this?

Note: there is no sign outside, just go into the carpark (I know it sounds strange, but trust me) and take the elevator (or stairs) to the 5th floor.

The Insólito Restaurant & Bar

Here you will have great castle and river views, good cocktails and bites to get your evening started!


A Cevicheria

I could write an entire blog about this place! What's not to love about this amazing restaurant and their perfect preparation of the Peruvian national dish!?

Expect to wait a while before you will get a table (they don't take reservations).

But no worries, their Pisco Sour softens the wait...

We sat on the counter so we could see the chefs prepare the food and in the meantime we enjoyed the good vibe while having our taste buds get spoiled.

Espumantaria do Petisco

This is a restaurant with an attached wine bar where they serve their own sparkling wine. We ordered one of these bottles and ate delicious fresh fish. The chocolate mousse itself deserves to book a plane ticket to Lisbon if you ask me :-)

Restaurante Ponto Final

When walking around a busy city for a couple of days (and living in one as well) it is sometimes necessary to escape the crowds. This is the place to get that holiday feeling while looking at a beautiful sunset.

Just take the ferry to Almada and walk along the river bank on your right hand side for about 15 minutes. You will get rewarded with good local food and astonishing views over the city of Lisbon.

I hope you will enjoy Lisbon as much as we did!

Have a Great time!


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