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Coffee in Antwerp ('t Zuid)


This blog post is out of date.

Please check my favourite specialty coffee shops in Antwerp here:


A year ago I moved from Maastricht in The Netherlands to Antwerp in Belgium.

Here I live in the vibrant area 't Zuid. The area is well known for it's museums, numerous art galleries, lively cafes and stylish restaurants. And to my opinion, here you will find the best coffee bars in town :-)

I would like to introduce you to my favorite ones in 't Zuid! (in random order)

St. Vincents is a concept store; café, multi-story boutique and exhibition space in one.

They have a great selection of special teas, good coffee and their chocolate cake is amazing! It's classy and rough around the edges at the same time, but in very good harmony.

St. Vincents coffee Antwerp

St. Vincents coffee Antwerp

St. Vincents coffee Antwerp

Buchbar is a coffee bar and bookstore in one and has a nice atmosphere. They offer a small (but very fresh) selection of lunch options, home made ice teas and cake. A good place to buy and read a good book or cath up with friends. In summertime you can sit outside on their cosy little terrace.

Buchbar coffee bar and book shop Antwerp

Buchbar coffee bar Antwerp

The Soul is a whole lot in one, coffee bar with healthy food, hairspa and some options for a good night's sleep (apartments, studios and a loft). The interior is very light and airy. The terrace outside at the beautiful Marnixplaats is a great place to enjoy the sun.

The Soul coffee bar Antwerp

The Soul coffee bar Antwerp

Copper (closed)

To reach Copper, you have to walk a little bit further, but it is worth the walk!

Here you can have breakfast or lunch in a vintage design. I love their home made soup...

Copper coffee bar Antwerp

Of course there are many more great coffee bars in the area 't Zuid. Like for example Charlie's, Mirlo's, Vitrin, Tinsel, Kolonel Koffie and....

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