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Paris: street art gems

After visiting Paris for a couple of times it isn't necessary to visit the must sees like the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and Notre Dame again. But then it's nice to roam the streets and find out where you accidentally bump into. There are many surprises around every corner!

Just follow your nose and start your day with a cup of coffee and a pain au chocolat (a sort of croissant with chocolate, it's heavenly....)

And because I love street art, this time I only made pictures of the street art pieces I stumbled upon.

My favorite area in Paris is Le Marais (the old Jewish quarter), a lively neigbourhood with beautiful shops, attractively cafes and great restaurants.

I went to the Yiddish bakery of Sacha Finkelsztajn to eat latkes (potato cakes). Since 1946 it is situated in a lovely old yellow house.

In the near surroundings you will find many restaurants where they sell falafel. At some shops there were like 30 people lining up outside, so here you get the real deal! :-)

Work made by Gregos (the faces of 100 men and 1 woman):

Street art by Gregos in Paris

Close to the museum of Centre Pompidou you can see the famous work by Jef Aérosol (a French stencil graffiti artist):

Street art by Jef Aérosol in Paris

I had lunch at Gontran Cherrier (close to Montmartre Cemetery) a beautiful bakery with a very good selection of bread and a fantastic place to sit at the window. I could stay here for hours, sipping coffee, eating a bun and watching life go by outside. But the street calls!

Street Art in Paris

At 59, Rue de Rivoli you can visit 59 RIVOLI, an open artist studio in a 6 floor building, where 30 artists make and expose their work. Twenty of them are permanent artists and 10 are resident artists who have a studio for 3 to 6 months. So every time you come back to Paris you will discover new art! :-)

I made this picture close to Metrostation Stalingrad. Stencil art "Tais Toi" by Evazé & Sir:

Street art by Evazé & Sir in Paris

Street art by Fred Le Chevalier in Paris

The area around Canal Saint Martin (where they partly filmed the movie "Le fabuleux destin d' Amélie Poulain") is a relaxed neighbourhood with boutique shops and many bars and restaurants. It is nice to stroll along the quays of the canal.

Unfortunately I can't remember where I took this picture:

Street art in Paris

Please feel free to tell me who the other artists are!

By the way... what is your favorite city to visit for street art?

Please tell me by leaving a comment below :-)

Thank you!

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