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Jordan: an impressive road trip from north to south

Some highlights of Jordan:


I started my Jordan trip in de capital city Amman. A city build on many hills where I felt I was part of a scene in the movie The Kite Runner. When you are on top of one of those hills around 4 or 5 p.m. you will see many kites appear from countless roofs. It is such a beautiful sight!

When you walk trough the streets of downtown Amman you have no idea how big the city actually is. So take lots of stairs and have lunch at the restaurant of the Wild Jordan Center. Here you will enjoy a healthy lunch with a sweeping view over the city.

View from the roof of Wild Jordan Center:

Lonnies Planet in Amman Jordan

At the end of the day the sunlight gets softer and the city turns from white to a bit yellow. From the Citadel you have a good look on the 126,8 metre (416 ft) tall flagpole with the Jordanian flag.

Amman Jordan


If you like old Roman cities, you will love Jerash. There are many ruins, temples and an amphitheatre.

Entrance to Jerash:

Lonnies Planet at Jerash Jordan

I traveled the Kings Highway and visited (or actually floated in) the Dead Sea, Mount Nebo, Madaba and the crusader castle Karak on the way. And all this time I was secretely looking forward to visiting Petra, one of the 7 world wonders...


Petra, what a wonderful place! This is one of my favorite spots on this planet (together with Bagan in Myanmar and Angkor Wat in Cambodia in my top 3 list).

I was there at 06:00 a.m. when the ticket office opened. It is really worthwhile to get up early, because in the morning it is still very quiet. You can hear birds sing and you have the Siq almost for yourself. At the end of the winding siq you see the Treasury which was cut out of stone more then two thousand years ago.

The Treasury Facade:

Lonnies Planet at the Treasury in Petra Jordan

From here I immediately took all the stairs to the Monastery (Al-Deir). Because early in the morning it is still relatively "cool" and so the climb will be much easier then at noon or at the end of the day. Here you'll find a restaurant overlooking the monastery.

Monastery Al-Deir in Petra Jordan

From here you will have jawdropping views. The surrounding nature made me feel very tiny. From here you can climb further and gaze at this moonlike landscape:

Lonnies Planet in Petra Jordan

There is so much to see that you need a full day in Petra. In the afternoon I went to the huge Royal Tombs:

Lonnies Planet at  Royal Tombs in Petra Jordan

And again from here I had a view which made me speachless:

Petra Jordan

Donkey in Petra Jordan

At the end of the day I made the long hike from the Palace Tomb to the hill opposite of the Treasury to see the Treasury form above. It wasn't easy to find, but really 100% worth the climb. To be honest, it was a bit scary for me as well, because I am afraid of heights...

Lonnies Planet in Petra Jordan

Afterwards I walked down to go back to the city centre of Petra for dinner so I would be back on time for Petra by Night at 08:30 p.m. It is very special to be in the dark in the same surroundings which is lit with thousands of candles.

Wadi Rum Desert

As happy as a child with all the magnificent things I have seen in Petra, I went further to the Wadi Rum Desert. Here you should take a 4WD trip and run of the sand dunes :)

Lonnies Planet in Wadi Rum Desert Jordan

At the end of my Jordan tour I snorkeled in the Red Sea at Aquaba and thought about how I loved this country.

I came home from Jordan with lots of red sand in my shoes and even more experiences...


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