• Lonneke Snel

A day in Ghent

Updated: Apr 26

Of course we all love city's in summertime, when we can sit outside and sip a cup of coffee while we enslave oursefs to the sun. But.... Ghent is even on a moody wintersday a city to love.

The historical heart of the city is not big and easy to walk. Along the rivers you'll find beautiful old buildings dating from centuries ago. If you like medieval castles, you should definitely visit het Gravensteen.

All this walking makes probably hungry. Luckily the chef at Le Botaniste (Hoornstraat 13) knows what to do about that. This restaurant and winebar serves 100% organic and vegetarian foods in a setting of an old pharmacy.

Approved, this is 100% yummy.

Are you (just like me) a street art lover? Then you should check out Werregarenstraatje! :)

Gent's waterways give the city an airy feel. And if you are tired of walking, you can always book a boattrip to explore the city from the water.

Craving for good coffee, a locally brewed beer, or something tasty and healthy to munch on? Step by at Moor&Moor (Jakobijnenstraat 7)! This is a deli where they serve and sell food "with a story".

From this bridge between Korenlei and Graslei, you have a nice view over the river and the old city centre:

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